About WCS Rueda

West Coast Swing (WCS) Rueda was created in 2011 by Doug Silton and Damon & Lisa D'Amico

WCS Rueda follows the traditions of Casino/Salsa Rueda and Lindy Hop Rueda; WCS Rueda is West Coast Swing danced in a circle with a variety of verbal calls that dictate what moves the dancers will do, including partner changes for both leaders and followers.

The beauty of Rueda is that:

  • it's social fun with dancers of all levels but you're not dancing with the same person for an entire song
  • increased learning potential for beginner / intermediate dancers
  • classes / workshops for different levels
  • name branding for your own moves that will be called globally
  • something to do at both local dances and conventions
  • calls on WCSRueda.com are labeled Novice through Pro
  • Rueda is a non-competitive form of WCS
  • musical calls will make sure that the dance is not just a choreographed piece, but an actual living, breathing dance

The goal of WCS Rueda:

  • create a friendlier social environment for social dancing without a competitive notion
  • with enough interest, every WCS convention will hopefully soon have a ballroom dedicated to WCS Rueda

WCSRueda.com is a free website. If you do prefer, however, to have WCS Rueda on DVD, that can be purchased online at SwingDanceStuff.com

As an instructor or a dancer that wants to be a "Caller," you'll be able to request a log-in that will have suggested class teaching materials. You'll also be able to suggest calls and patterns with a name that you choose, that will be branded with the WCS Rueda logo.
This part of the website is coming soon!

As a student, you'll be able to request a log-in that will keep you updated when new moves come out, workshop specials, and more!

The moves that are currently online at www.WCSRueda.com are free for viewing for non-students and non-callers. In the future, you'll need your free Student or Caller Log-In to access new calls and step sheets.


West Coast Swing Rueda / WCS Rueda is a 2012 Trademark of Doug Silton Productions, LLC.